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Wedding Tiaras
Looking for a special elegant tiara to adorn your beautiful hair on your special day? All the tiaras are Brand NEW and in Perfect Condition. Great match for any White Wedding Gown, Ivory Wedding Gown, Prom, Formal Pageant or other Special Occasions.

Our beaded fringes are absolutely GORGEOUS. You can use them for your home decor projects! This would also be great to use with Belly Dance and other costumes. The beads are hanging down from an insert that is great for easy sewing or gluing onto any thing you can think of...lamps, fabric, wood...just use your imagination. *More is available if needed*

Hair Accessories
You may find the latest in Hair Jewelry and Accessories at Below Boutique and Dept. Store prices. Please feel free to look around. We look for the best workmanship and quality for a fair price and pass the saving on to you. Because we are not a retail store or boutique, you can find some great items at some great savings. 


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